54mm Pewter Renaissance Chess Set Hand Painted

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Renaissance: Henry VIII & Francis I
The Field of the Cloth of Gold took place in June 1520, near Guisnes in France. The jousting and feasting, the colour and glitter, the tents and trappings dazzled all of Europe. It was described as a display of medieval chivalry at which King Henry VIII of England crossed the Channel to joust with the new French King, Frances I. Henry attempted to outdo Francis both by the splendour of his equipment, the cunning of his diplomacy and even his physical strength.

At the Field of the Cloth of Gold, Henry suddenly challenged Francis to a wrestling match. Francis seized Henry in a lightning grip and threw him to the ground. Henry went white with embarrassment, but held back his temper. The ceremonies continued, but Henry could not forgive such a personal humiliation. Any chance for co-operative friendship dissipated with this incident. Indeed, Henry had already began negotiations with Francis's enemy (Holy Roman) Emperor Charles V. Within a month, Charles declared war on France, with Henry in support.

Hand Painted Finish means that the chess theme is carefully researched to be as historically accurate as possible and painted with Vallejo acrylic paints by our experienced Irish artists. Each layer has to be dried before the next layer can be applied. Many specialist techniques are deployed including 'drybrushing' and 'washes' to create glowing colours that catch the eye and make our painted sets stand out head and shoulders over our competition. All pieces are designed by our internationally famous designer Chris Tubb.

Price includes chess board (choose which type) and deluxe chess case.

Scale is 54mm.

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54mm Pewter Renaissance Chess Set Hand Painted
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