Prince August Educational and Institutional Department.

Prince August products are very suitable for educational use.  They can be used in science, arts, history or recreational activities.  All our items are durable and will last for years. Our alloys can be melted over and over again and there is very little waste.

Students will be occupied for hours with our product. From casting to finishing to painting is very enjoyable and hands on experience. You can incorporate this into Science by learning about metals or into Arts by learning about colours and how to apply them and lastly but not the least you can make history more realistic.
We have here outlined below a few ways of using our products. There are endless possibilities with our products and we like to hear from you, how you have used our products. with your story and enclose some photos. If you can come up with a new way of using our product which can be suitable for other schools, we will give you a reward of 5 bars of metal for your contribution.

We do not recommend our products for children under 8 years of age but there is no upper age recommendation.  It all depends on how you use the products. The younger children get their satisfaction from making fairies, teddy-bears or animals while adults gets theirs from casting and painting a chess set or making a Napoleonic battle scene.  And of course Prince August is very useful in science education.

Educational Order less 15%.

We are offering 15% education discount to customers who qualify.  Just send us the name of your school or instistution and address by email and we will set up an account for you which will automaticly deduct the discount.  If your order is larger than €250 we can offer you 30 days credit.  This only applies to Irish schools at the moment and is subject to terms.

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