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TG9410F: Warzone Dark Legion Angel of Mercy & Brotherhood Visionary Figures

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These figures come from the expansion game Brotherhood Cathedral. Prince August is reducing some overstocks of these games and removed the metal miniatures inside for sale.

Dark Legion Angel of Mercy figure:

The Angel of Mercy is an unusual creature that resembles some sort of specialized Nepharite, humanoid in form with a semi-skeletal face, and with bony spines on his back like that of a Zenithian. The Angel of Mercy typically dresses in robes, and is possessed of a strong potency in the use of the Dark Symmetry, having the ability to visit nightmares upon those nearby who are still awake ... and then showing "mercy" by slaying the tormented victim while he's writhing about in his nightmarish delusions. Anyone who so much as looks upon an Angel of Mercy is visited by flashes of horrific thoughts.

Brotherhood Visionary figure:

The Brotherhood is the only force in the solar system that has even the vaguest understanding of the true nature of the Dark Soul and it is this dreadful understanding that drives them to such extreme and uncompromising vigilance.

A Visionary of the First Directorate -- a sister trained in the Art of Premonition as well as the ways of combat, and assigned to farflung Brotherhood outposts.

These figures are sold in a plastic bag, not a blister.

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