TG9627PB: Warzone Dark Legion Unholy Carronade + Crew Figures

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Dark Legion Unholy Carronade and crew figures:

The Horde is a vast host of unholy creatures that appear in the armies of all the Apostles, The hateful truth is that much of the Horde consists of human beings that fell in battle or were taken alive even as they fought to resist the Dark Legion. Nothing of their humanity remains and they return to the battlefield to kill their former comrades, kept alive by the unholy power of the Dark Symmetry.

Supporting the Horde and pounding the human defenders are such weapons as the Unholy Carronade. This cannon has a unsettling organic appearance and while quite inaccurate it shakes the battlefield with its impact.

Structure: Squad

1 Unholy Carronade

2 Undead Legionnaires

1 Necromutant (Leader).


Unholy Carronade: Carronade Cannon

Undead Legionnaires: Assault Rifle

Necromutant: Assault Rifle

Special Abilities:

Unholy Carronade: Immune to Panic, Immune to Fear, Weapons Immunity 10

Undead Legionnaires: Zombie

Necromutant: Immune to Panic, Immune to Fear

Special Rules:

You may not have more than 1 Unholy Carronade per army. The Unholy Carronade cannot dive for cover or charge. Models automatically hit when attacking the Unholy Carronade in Close Combat. The Unholy Carronade does not count towards the bonus for Multiple Attackers in Close Combat. The Unholy Carronade is a Necrotech Construct.

Metal figure is 28mm scale. Sold in a plastic bag. Packed by Prince August staff.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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