TG9706: Warzone Dark Legion Nepharite of Demnogonis Figures

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Dark Legion Nepharite of Demnogonis figure:

Demnogonis is the Befouler, the Lord of Decay and Disease, spreader of plagues through the worlds of humanity. He is depicted as a gaunt, hairless, yellow-skinned man, with parts of his body roughly replaced with corroded pieces of cybernetics, adorned in blood-stained white robes emblazoned with his rune.

Demnogonis' forces prey upon the wounded and dying, typically attacking those who cannot defend themselves, rather than serving as the vanguard for the Dark Legion. They may sometimes pose as medics, coming to "rescue" the wounded, then subject them to horrible tortures and/or infect them with virulent diseases, and then release them back amongst their people to spread plague in the cities. Ironically, Demnogonis actually provides medical services for the Dark Legion ... or at least, those amongst his own followers. Demnogonis and his servants are "immune" to any sort of plague or disease, though even the Undead Legionnaires of other Apostles are not beyond being afflicted by his creations. Plus, Demnogonis' own servants usually eventually succumb to their own ailments. Thus, the forces of Demnogonis are usually kept well beyond arm's reach from the forces of the other Apostles.

The Nepharites of Demnogonis use Supernatural Powers in keeping with their master's foul essence. They are host to a multitude of diseases and parasites but their bodies have the power to regenerate themselves after being wounded.

Equipment: Azogar powered Polearm.

Special Abilities: Immune to Panic, Immune to Fear, Cause Fear, Supernatural Powers 3, Revolting.

Metal figure is 28mm scale. Sold in a blister pack. Packed by Target Games staff.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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