April 2019 - Article 191 Carbon tax.

E.U. Carbon Tax for moulds announcement

NEW E.U. CARBON TAX (Article 191) passed March 28th 2019.

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Thank you for wanting to learn more about this new tax, which may add 15% onto ALL rubber moulds purchased from Prince August, either directly or indirectly (via shops). We will strive to make this process as painless and transparent as possible.

HISTORY OF LAW: Ireland agreed upon taking steps to combat enviromental damage and address climate change when they accepted the Lisbon Treaty in 2009. The new law (referred to as Article 191) comes from this section of that treaty. In 2019 Ireland has been under increasing pressure to improve their environmental reform records and the new legislation is viewed as one step in that process. Fossil fuels are of course a hot environmental issue and carbon taxes on them are nothing new, anyone who goes to their gas station to refill their car is already paying it, however many products ALSO are made from fossil fuels, including tyres and, in our situation, rubber moulds. The new law will add 15% onto the base cost of such products. This law will ripple out to affect prices on many petroleum based products including even plastics. There was pushback in light of the economic strain this will put on households, especially under the current uncertain political climate with Brexit and Trump.

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We really appreciate your custom, regardless of whether you are in the E.U. or not, so please read on to find out how to avoid the tax.

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