Toy Soldier Collector Magazine Feb 2014

Toy Soldier Collector Magazine Feb/Mar 2014 has an article on casting with our 80- Napoleonic 54mm scale moulds. Click the image to download the pdf (5mb)

Toy Soldier Collector Magazine Feb/Mar 2014

Notice on error in article:

"Once I have finished casting, always wash the mould in a mild solution of soapy water and rinse carefully."

This habit can be extremely dangerous as if there is any water left inside the mould, it will turn into steam when one pours the metal.
Water expands 2000 times when it boils and even the smallest amount of water can cause a substantial eruption and you end up with metal splatter all over the kitchen or in the worst scenario in somebody’s eye or face. It is hard to estimate the risqué to an eye as the metal cools off quite fast. If you get a metal splash on the skin you normally just get a red patch which heals in a few days..
Our casting instruction specifically says do not cool the mould or metal with water.