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Warzone Tribes of Earth History: The history of the Tribes, as they are known today, begins with the Exodus of mankind from the planet Earth. There were many among the population of Earth that were considered undesirable by the corporations and the swarming millions were left upon the ruined Earth to eke out whatever existence they could. Millions died from starvation, plague and the inevitable violence as the remnants of human civilization fought for the pitifully few resources that the Mega-corporations had left them. And as it the nature of the human species they formed into groups, for the strength of the Tribe is greater than the sum of its parts.

Tribes of Earth Military: The military forces of the Tribes are notoriously vicious and brutal. They are hard people living hard lives. They do not enjoy the same technological advantages of the Mega-corporations and they are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to secure even the slightest advantage over their enemies in the day-to-day struggle for survival. All the tribes enter into clandestine trade with the corporations. It is a degenerate trade, one that illustrates the desperate situation of the Tribes and the continuing callousness of the Mega-corporations towards the people they deserted over a thousand years ago. The Tribes trade their own people for weapons and technology from the Mega-corporations and they know the Mega-corporations surrender only the most outdated and redundant equipment in exchange for troops and workers that are destined for the most desperate and hopeless areas of conflict within the solar system.

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Tribes of Earth Armies

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