Need advice on how to use our products? Then please use the links to view our video tutorials and written tutorials.

Hobby casting is easy to start, but to get the maximum quality from all your moulds it can be wise to check out our videos. They are divided up into basic, intermediate and advanced sections. Don't be put off by that however as nothing is beyond you.

Core tips to remember always:

  • Do not mix different alloys together unless you know what you are doing.
  • Only cast from dry moulds, preferably warmed a little beforehand.
  • Never put water on the mould to cool it. Also never throw damp metal into hot metal.
  • Add the support boards to each side of the assembled mould, preferably with smooth side facing out.
  • Apply an even thin layer of release agent over both halves of the mould, then clap both sides together a few times to remove excess.
  • Use ladel to pour liquid metal into the mould in a steady stream until the hole is completely filled.
  • Always place the ladle next to the hole to pour the shortest distance possible. Safety first.
  • Never touch the liquid metal until it has sufficently cooled. Usually leave for at least 5 minutes.
  • Tap the mould firmly with something solid, like a spare metal bar or the brass brush either while casting or immediately afterwards for a few seconds to help settle the metal. This really helps improve the casting.
  • Always gently bend the mould sides to loosen the grip on the figure before removing it, and bend the mould back to keep its shape.
  • Venting is a last resort and should not be overdone. It is used only if air is unavoidably trapped. There is a video on this process.