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The Templars boast many claims of divine ancestry but their great physical strength and brutal savagery remain unquestioned.

The main body of the Templar army is made up of Horde Troopers who sweep across the barren plains and rally round the Horde Standard Bearer. They are known for their terrifying charge and are lead by the Fanatical Centurs, strong warriors who wield their swords with deadly skill. When it comes to versatility the Templars have the Gendarmes. These Elite warriors have assault rifles and heavy swords and benefit from the support of a light machine gun specialist.

There are many strange animals roaming the surface of the ruined Earth and the Gendarme Bestal has brought one of them into the ranks of the Templar army. They possess a strong bond with the animals know as Purger Beasts and always go into battle with a brace of these savage creatures by their side. The Gendarme Hunters are skilled in using terrain for cover and now their hunting skills are being brought to bear on the battlefield as they use their heavy harpoons to hunt the enemies of the Templar Tribe.

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