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Warzone Cybertronic Corporation History: Compared to the other corporations the history of Cybertronic is extremely short. However, in the 160 years since they reached Megacorporation status they have had a huge impact on the solar system. The corporation had its beginnings in a relatively unknown company called Cybertronic Investments Inc., with a dubious reputation for developing technology in violation of Brotherhood directives. In the year 1103 Y.C. they orchestrated a colossal 'ghost collapse' of the stock exchange on Luna. Billions of valuable share were unwisely sold only to be bought up by supporters of Cybertronic who suddenly emerged from within all the corporations. The company's assets soared rapidly and almost overnight a new Megacorporation was born.

Cybertronic was duly registered, according to an ancient law that had never been annulled, and immediately put in motion a massive recruitment campaign. As millions flocked to the lure of Cybertronic and Imperial sources reported greatly increased traffic to and from the asteroid belt, it became clear that this huge operation had been many years in preparation. But by the time the Brotherhood or any of the corporations were fully aware of the campaign Cybertronic were firmly established on Ceres, the largest asteroid in the solar system, and were near completion if a fortified base on a smaller asteroid with the name of Dembovska.

For better or worse, Cybertronic was here to stay.

Cybertronic Military: As the Cybertronic farms continue to deliver citizens at a rate that no other corporation can match the ranks of their military are swelling in step. Many are the rolls that one might fulfill for the corporation but none yield the esteem or the potential rewards of serving in the armed forces.

Contrary to what most Cybertronic citizens believe, their soldiers do not always go into battle supported by the finest military hardware to be found in the solar system. It is true that the best that Cybertronic has to offer really is the best there is. However, Cybertronic's resources and their confidence in their superiority are not as limitless, nor as certain as they would have their citizens believe. As a consequence of this the majority of their troops are sent into battle with equipment that is decidedly average in quality and effectiveness.

Even so, despite propaganda directed against them, many soldiers from the other corporations still believe that Cybertronic are superior and this can have a marked effect on the outcome of a battle. In addition to this, the single minded belief of the Cybertronic Shock Troops often proves to be a powerful weapon in itself and the use of altered state drugs can induce soldiers to perform feats beyond the normal expectations of the human body.

Having said all this, there is the undeniable existence of the Cybertronic Cuirassiers and the Eradicator Deathdroids, both of which prove that even the outrageous claims of the Cybertronic Collective are not without some foundation in truth. And, when even the basic Cybertronic Chasseurs can measure up to the regular troops from other armies, it might not be long before the claims of Cybertronic supremacy are proven to all.

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Cybertronic Mega Corp

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