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What is Prince August?

The answer is the largest designer, manufacturer and retailer of metal hobby casting moulds in the world.
For over 35 years, Prince August manufactures black rubber moulds in the Republic of Ireland and has developed and mantained a growing and diverse worldwide customer base that includes adults of all ages as well as children and teenagers.

Any customer will find our huge range of moulds and accessories simple to use and due to its easy learning curve, immediately satisfying yet open to creative expansion and exploration as our products have deep roots into military history and strategy that allow endless refinement of its application through tactical and strategic deployment as the customer acquires knowledge and experience.

Scale is important and our ranges cover all the popular wargaming ranges from 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 40mm and 54mm. This wide spectrum of miniatures allows customers to tailor their dream projects to their home or school allotted space. You get a trade off between quantity vs quality as the larger figures will have more flexibility and detail and the smaller ones quicker to cast with less assembly and greater economy with metal.

Customers are spoilt for choice as our ranges cover many themes and games including chess, napoleonic warfare, traditional british soldiers, medieval fantasy and unisex children's crafts.

Due to the hard wearing nature of our vulcanised black rubber moulds, customers can expect to get up to five hundred casts from each hole in a mould (there can be up to three holes in a mould) using our brand of Model Metal. Other brands of metal may result is a reduced lifespan.

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Terms of Trading:


Discount:  38.5% off our Net website prices.

Payment: All orders are Pro Forma.

Prices: Subject to change until an order acknowledgement is issued.

Carriage: Carriage is ex-work. We will gladly assist you in finding a suitable forwarder. We have good shipping rates as we ship all over the world.

Title of the Goods:  Remains the property of the company in it’s sold or unsold form until fully paid for and can only be disposed of under the customers normal trade for which purpose the goods were sold.

Claims: Must be made within 10 days of arrival of the goods.

Please download, print, fill in, scan and return the form to our(jpeg, pdf, png, gif, bmp files accepted).

Download this New Account form (257KB pdf).

If you wish to become a distributor rather than a retailer please contact Mary at the email above.

I look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the family of Prince August Retailers.