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Custom Made Moulds

Custom mould service

Prince August can manufacture moulds from customer's masters. If you have modeled a figure, converted a figure or just wants to duplicate an old figure we can make you a quality mould for white metal casting. We test all moulds and make sure that they are easy to cast as possible. These moulds generally last for hundreds of castings, sometimes thousands.

Depending on your master we have 2 different types of moulds available, silicone or black rubber. Both types are suitable for hundreds of castings in white metal or resin. The major difference is the type of material which can be used in your masters. The masters for black rubber moulds need to be made of a durable metal while silicon mould masters can be made from almost any solid master material which can sustain the transport.

Discounts for multiple moulds of same master: There is no discount on silicone moulds but on black rubber moulds we can offer discounts if the masters are up to being repeated. 50% for 2 to 5 moulds.

NOTE: We will not make moulds of our LOTR Mithril figures as they are a breach of our Tolkien license.

Examples of previous custom moulds.


Custom Vulcanised Rubber Mould

Christmas Tree mould

Custom Vulcanised Rubber Mould 2

54mm heads mould.

Small Heads Custom Mould

Smaller heads mould

Custom Vulcanised Rubber Mould

Custom Vulcanised Rubber Mould

Custom mould for non-miniatures.

An example of how to use silicone rubber to make a custom mould shows the work involved.

How to order your custom moulds
Fill out this form and post it to us


Black Rubber Mould (METAL MASTERS):

  • The process involves vulcanising rubber at 150 degrees centigrade around the master figure under 40tons of pressure.
  • A metal master has to be used and we would recommend our 5 star metal, tin, aluminium, bronze or iron.
  • Material of the master: metal, tin/lead with a melting point over 180.
  • Size of master: height max 100mm (4’)
  • Thickness max: 26mm (1’)
  • Shrinkage: approximately 2-3% in length and 5-7% in thickness.
  • Restrictions: No paint or glued parts allowed and restrictive use of Milliput.
  • Price per mould: 88 Euro

Silicone Rubber Moulds (Other Solid Materials):

  • This process involves pouring cold curing rubber over the master. This is a two stage process for each half of the mould. It is a labour intensive process and hence more expensive. The advantage of this process is that you can use masters made of any material.
  • Material of the master: metal, milliput, clay, resin, painted metal, plastic etc.
  • Size of master: height max 100mm (4’)
  • Thickness max: 26mm (1’)
  • Shrinkage: 0.1%.
  • Restrictions: masters have to be strong enough to sustain transport to us.
  • Final moulds can cast with resin or metal.
  • Price per mould: 255 Euro
  • Any work needed on your model will be charged at €50 per hour, minimum €25.
  • Other sizes available also available on quotation.
  • Multiple figures can be put in one mould but again this is subject to confirmation.
  • Master with protruding parts will have to be cut up before making the mould. You then cast the pieces separately and glue or solder the pieces after casting.
  • If a master figure is destroyed in the process, we are not liable, as we cannot test the suitability of your original. Also be extremely careful how you pack the master.
  • Put plenty of soft material like foam or tissue paper or bubble wrap around the master. Follow then with a hard outside box. Make sure that there is no movement inside the box.
  • All prices subject to inspection of your models.
  • To place an order, print following order form and enclose with your order:
  • Postal address: Lars Edman, Prince August Toy Soldier Factory, Kilnamartyra, Co. Cork, P12 FN79, Ireland
Is it possible to duplicate a miniature from an already existing range?
Current figures from other manufacturers are copyrighted and it is not legal to make custom moulds of these figures. However it is not possible for us to police this issue. It is up to you, the customer, to decide what is legal or not. Prince August does not take any responsibility for how you use the mould.