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Warzone Capitol Corporation History: Capitol was the first corporation to fully appreciate the commercial viability of colonizing the solar system. Taking the initiative they invested a massive amount of resources in the construction of a permanent launch facility and resource depot on the Moon. Their investment paid huge dividends as traffic throughout the solar system increased and all the Mega-corporations began using the Capitol base. They developed a reputation for logistical expertise that persists to this day, for their supply lines and rapid deployment record is by far the most impressive of all the corporations.

Although Luna us now under Brotherhood control there exists strong ties between the commercial interests of Capitol and Luna (the largest city of the inhabited worlds). Capitol's stronghold now rests on Mars, where they control almost three-quarters of the planet's surface. They also maintain a strong presence on Mercury and Venus and have a number of well-established bases on the Imperial world of Ganymede.

Capitol is no stranger to the forces of the Dark Legion. During the Legion's first assault on the solar system they faced the full fury of its evil. Over three thousand years ago the red planet was named after the God of War and now, as the Dark Legion descends once more on humanity, the planet Mars is living up to its name.

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Capitol Mega Corp

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