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The Sons of Rasputin are a powerful Tribe and the most technologically advanced of all, though even their achievements languish in the dark ages compared to those of the Mega-corporations. Unlike the religions of the other Tribes the Sons of Rasputin are governed by an imperialistic code.

The core of the army are the Soldat Troopers who boast an impressive array of weapons for their troops from a shotgun and pistol to the heavy machine gun. Backing up the standard Soldats are the Shock Soldats armed with the much feared Toxic Gas Siphon, a weapon that spews forth a cloud of corrosive gases.

The Northern Sons are known for their tactical maneuvers as they attack the enemy from the most unlikely direction causing mayhem with their two machine pistols. Adding to the strength of the Sons of Rasputin army are a number of individuals.

The Soldat Standard Bearer acts as a natural rallying point for troops on the battlefield. The Jaeger Commando Soldat, a gliding warrior that swoops down on unsuspecting foes. The Soldat Schwerwaffe pinning down the enemy with its heavy machine gun and the Soldat Flammen his armes fastened into the awesome Heavy Flame-thrower. And the Soldat-Vicar barking fierce orders and holding the Sons of Rasputin together as they fight for the territory that is rightfully theirs.

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