Prince August has released in 2014 a ground breaking new series of semi-flat 40mm scale moulds that cover the seven year war in the 18th Century. This is considered one of the first truly global wars that mankind had ever engaged in. So far Prussian, Austrian, Austrian Hungarian, Russian and French troops plus artillery and crew and Austrian Cuirassiers and Dragoons are available as moulds.  New Austrian Grenz Infantry and Drummer  moulds are released August 2022 and three Hussar moulds were released in November 2022. Moulds shown here are only the most recent releases, not the full range.

The moulds include interchangeable parts including heads allowing for far greater diversity without the need for a large amount of moulds. All painting and assembly instructions are available as downloadable pdfs from the product pages. Please go to the Seven Year War page for more information.

All these products are manufactured in Ireland by Irish workers.