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Prince August is a manufacturer of vulcanised black rubber moulds designed to allow hobbyists to cast metal miniatures at home in their kitchens or garages. We have been in business since the 60's. Our moulds cover a wide range of topics from fantasy to historical. Each mould can be reused hundreds of times and can take temperatures up to 450 degrees Celsius. Normal casting temperatures are 320 to 380 degrees Celsius, depending on the types of metal alloys used. The vulcanised black mould consists of similar material as car tyre retreading rubber.

Normally casting takes five minutes from pouring the metal to opening the mould to remove the finished casting. Heating times vary depending on the metal and the device being used. Metal can be re-melted repeatedly with little waste. We have a solder pot that is suitable for this hobby.

Tools needed for casting, other than the metal bars and moulds include a metal ladle, support boards, release agent powder, clamps or strong elastic bands, a snipper to remove ingates (metal funnels attached to the castings), a stiff brush to polish the figures and a metal file to smooth any rough edges.

Metal figures will need to be primed with an acrylic primer before adding additional acrylics to their surface. Once finished, a varnish can be applied to protect the surface from dirt and scratches. 

This hobby is suitable for ages 14 and above. Adult supervision is recommended. Certain alloys may contain some Tin, Lead, Bismuth, Zinc and Antimony. Lead free alloys include '5-Star' and '6-Star' metals.