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Warzone The Brotherhood History: One might say that the formation of the Brotherhood rewrote the course of history. The Brotherhood was formed in 2275 A.D. by the first Cardinal, Nathaniel Durand, following the end of the First Corporate Wars. Its foundation drew all the corporations together in unity. A new calendar was begun in the year of the Cardinal's inauguration and dates were henceforth written as Y.C. -In the Year of the Cardinal.

The power of the Brotherhood quickly grew as thousands flocked to the rallying cry of the Cardinal Durand I but it was to be another fifty years before the position of the Brotherhood, as supreme power in the solar system, was irrevocably established. For in the year 51. Y.C. the Dark Legion fell upon mankind. There is no question that it was the presence of the Brotherhood that saved mankind in that terrible time. Without their guidance and spiritual fortitude mankind would not have been able to resist the dreadful fear and corrupting despair that are the Dark Legion's most effective weapons.

It was also the Brotherhood, led by Cardinal Durand I himself, that led the combined forces of humanity to their victory against the Dark Legion during the Venusian Crusade. Since those glorious and tragic times the power and influence of the Brotherhood has grown to include far more than just the spiritual well being of humanity. They are now a vast worldly power, almost a Megacorporation in their own right. They certainly have the resources to qualify but their prime directive remains spiritual and not commercial and thus they are set apart from the other corporations.

The Brotherhood was weakened somewhat by the divergence of Mishima some three centuries ago and more recently by the open defiance of Cybertronic. Now, in the bloody turmoil of the Second Corporate Wars, their diplomatic skills are stretched to the limit. But with the reemergence of the Dark Legion their star is rising once again. Because, with all other things aside, when it comes to combating the evil of the Dark Legion, The Brotherhood remains humanity's best and only hope for victory and survival before the power of the Dark Soul.

The Brotherhood Military: From the earliest days of the Brotherhood they have established themselves as a martial force and not simply a clerical order guiding humanity with words of wisdom and peace. The times are too dark, the enemy too prone to slaughter for such a charitable expression of faith. Did not the Cardinal himself lead an army of thousand against the Apostle of War and did he not smite down and cleave into bloody ruin many a hell-spawned demon sent against him. He did; and as in all things, the Brotherhood follows what Cardinal Durand I taught them.

The military wing of the Brotherhood, which forms the larger part of the Inquisition, is growing all the time. From the moment they joined the Brotherhood they considered themselves part of a holy war and as such they are highly motivated. The Brotherhood military is very varied and a good pool of standard troops augmented by special assignment warriors, many of whom possess the mysterious power of the Art.

Troopers that excel themselves in battle can be raised into the ranks of the Sacred Warriors. Presented with the symbolic Avenger Swords, these ceremonial warriors are employed as Cathedral guards and also used extensively against the Dark Legion due to their enhanced resistance to the influence of the Dark Symmetry.

Serving the Cardinal and members of the Curia as elite personal guards are the Fury, while performing the more specialized tasks of the Brotherhood's mission are such units as the much feared Inquisitors and the Mortificators who are only spoken about in whispers. It is the task of the Inquisitors to seek out and hunt down those individuals that have shown themselves to be Heretics. People who by thought or action, have conspired with the Dark Legion or by deed or design, invited the corruption of the Dark Symmetry into the world of man.

The Mortificators are assassins. Trained in the secret ways of death they are the Cardinal's surgical blade, infiltrating a healthy body to cut out malignancy before it has a chance to spread.

Then there are the Mystics and the Keepers of the Art, warriors who wield the power of faith as surely as any weapon. From the manipulation of matter, to the influencing of minds these students of the Brotherhood's deepest secrets are feared and respected by all and their powers are a great asset in the continuing fight against the Dark Legion.

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