Filing & Cleaning Metal Miniatures: Part 2

STAGE#6 - Filing the Parts.

Casting and cutting are finished but remember to file the parts before putting them together.

Tools you will need when filing and Cleaning parts before putting the pieces of the figure together: (Fig.1).

  • Curved Modeling Knife,
  • Large Flat File (Medium, Fine),
  • (Half-round) Needle files, small, medium large.
  • Brass Wire Brush (Soft Bristle)
  • (000) Grade Steel Wool.
Fig.1 - Filing Tools
Fig.2 - Carefully file off remains of 'gate'.

(Fig.2) To file off remains of 'gate' it is recommended to use a large flat file. Use it evenly and carefully, removing sharp corners and bevels with a slight filing.

Paint tends to pull away and chip from these areas so this helps to prevent this happening.

(Fig.3) Use needle files to remove seamlines and remains of 'buts' from vents. Take care especially on face, hands and folds of clothes.

File following the contours of figure smoothly and evenly.

Following the contours of figure is more effective than filing flat.

Fig.3 - File following the contours of the figure.
Fig. 4 - Use small files for high detail parts.

(Fig.4) Use small files for smaller pieces and for areas around lots of details, where seam lines run through.

Tips to remember:

  • Use a flat file to file 'gate' evenly.
  • Remove sharp corners and bevel edges to prevent paint peeling.
  • Use needle files to remove seamlines.
  • Follow contours of figure not filing flat.
  • Use small files for details.

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