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Hobby Casting is an easy hobby to learn. It does require care when handling hot metal, so we do recommend adult supervision if you are involving a minor (14+) in the hobby. The rubber is made of vulcanised black rubber similar to car tyre retreading rubber. 

Benefits of rubber moulds:

  • Tough and durable.
  • Flexible and resilient.
  • Easy to use and reuse.

The process for casting is as follows:

  • Heat the metal in the ladle on a hotplate or solder pot or kitchen stove (that provides a steady even heat).
  • Warm the mould if not used for a while. Then apply the release agent powder to the surface.
  • Clap the mould halves together a few times to remove loose powder. This prevents powder clogging small areas.
  • Assemble the mould with holes facing upwards. Mould halves are designed to fit perfectly together.
  • Add support boards and clamps/strong elastic bands to the assembled mould.
  • Stir liquid metal, remove dirt or 'dross' from surface. Move ladle with metal over to the mould carefully.
  • Rest near hole and pour a steady stream of metal into the hole until full. Return ladle to heat source.
  • Tap the mould gently but firmly with something solid (like a spare bar of metal, or the brass brush) for 5 seconds.
  • Allow to cool naturally. Never attempt to cool with water. Usually five or six minutes is enough.
  • Gently remove clamps and boards and carefully bend the mould a little at each side to loosen figure.
  • Open mould and see if the casting is successful. If there is a problem, remelt the figure and retry.
  • If successful, remove ingate with snipper, clean up figure with brush and prepare to prime figure before painting.
  • Once primed you can assemble the figure if required (arms or head), or assemble prior to priming.
  • We recommend acrylic paints for painting the figure, but enamels and oil are suitable alternatives.

What kit should I use?

Kits can contain a wide array of tools. KIT 2000 (PA2000) is the most basic kit with ladle, support boards, clamps and release agent powder in a pot. Other kits may include other tools like a snipper, brush, metal file and even paint. Read their descriptions for full details. Tools are sold individually too.

Our Solder Pot is extremely useful to heat the metal, and is available with a UK or EU plug option.

We have many videos in our tutorials area that will assist you in learning about casting and also includes advanced techniques like venting and soldering metal parts together. Short videos and written guides are free to view.

All these products are manufactured in Ireland by Irish workers.


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