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Got a painting question? Why not email the experts today and find a solution.

Got a casting question? Why not email the experts today and find a solution.

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Beginners Starter Kits

Rewarding and satisfying are just two words hobby casting fans use when describing their love of casting metal soldiers or chess pieces. Many produce huge battlefields of troops or remodel our soldiers to fit a certain theme.

You want to know how to start casting YOUR figures, what equipment to get and is there any way to save money doing it. Well this is where all your answers can be found.

How do I start casting? - Well first thing you should do is read our on-line Tutorials. Read them carefully and you will avoid many of the problems that can affect those new to casting thus saving yourself time AND money. You should also view our video list of guides too.

What do I need to start? Well you need the basic equipment to begin and we have that in a handy kit by itself (Kit 2000) or get it as part of larger kits from the different themes we offer. The basic equipment includes the following:

  • Ladle - to pour the liquid metal into the mould.
  • Clamps or Support Elastic Bands - to keep the Mould sections securely fastened.
  • Support Boards - Helps to hold the moulds safely together and prolongs the life of moulds.
  • Release Powder - Allows the parts of the moulds to be separated after casting.
  • Printed instructions - quick casting guide.

You can use an electic hob (hot-plate) to heat the metal using the ladle or if you use a flame (gas for example) use a flat frying pan (make sure it is an old one not used for cooking any more) to act as a hot-plate and use the ladle as normal.

Any way to save money with this Hobby? There are many ways to save money. Always remember that any metal you have left over can be remelted and reused so NO WASTE. Failed metal castings can be reused with little to no loss of metal. Moulds can last for many hundreds of castings with care and attention to their use and storage (see video tutorials).

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