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Cast and Paint your own Christmas Decorations and personalise your Christmas Tree. We have 6 moulds with 2 decorations per mould and 13 moulds with one larger decoration. Choose either 2 Angels, Reindeer and Bells, Robin and Candle, Christmas Children, Santa and Christmas Stocking, Angel with Star, Christmas Tree, Christmas Sleigh, Christmas Snowflake, Teddy bear, Nutcracker, Female Carol Singer, Snowman with Top Hat, Child Angel with star, Moon Angel, Rocking Horse, Child on Sleigh, Festive Girl Skater, Festive Boy Skater or Posting Presents. These are flat casts and easy to paint, if desired. You can leave them unpainted and just polish them or paint them partially, according to personal taste and creativity. Hang them on your tree with some ribbon. Average dimensions of the smaller decorations are 50mm x 45mm (bell) when cast.

If you need casting equipment you can select a Starter Kit 2000 from any of the mould pages in the options or buy it here. You can also get a larger kit with paints and brushes included in our Value Starter Kit or Christmas Family Craft Kit.

Alternatively you can get our Christmas Deluxe Starter Kit box, which has 3 moulds (2 Angels, 'Reindeer and Bells' and 'Robin and Candle' moulds), 2 metal clamps, casting ladle, support boards, release powder, protective mould case, 2 bars of 5 star lead free metal, Size 0 paint brush, 10 pots of acrylic paints which include all the colours shown in the painting guides, (These are not Vallejo Acrylic paints) and casting and painting guides.

All these products are manufactured in a Gaeltacht or Irish speaking district in Ireland by Irish workers. Táimíd lonnaithe i gCill na Marta i gcroí lár Ghaeltacht Mhúscraí. Caitheamh aimsire fíor thaitneamhach don gclann go léir.

Christmas Decor Moulds

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