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Warzone Mishima Corporation History: Of all the corporations Mishima holds most closely to the ancient traditions of its origins. They suffered badly during the Fall because so much of their wealth had been accumulated through the design of microprocessors and the generation of powerful AI's. But as history has repeatedly shown, Mishima has a remarkable capacity for resilience. Their adherence to duty has seen them accomplish many things that other corporations considered impossible, not least of which was the successful settling of the infernal world of Mercury.

Of all the corporations they have the most unique mindset. Both rigid and elegant, unforgiving, yet highly prized by even the most lowly of their citizens. It is this introspective way of though that has led them into much controversy over the centuries. Not least of which the rift that sprang up between Mishima and the Brotherhood during the Neroian Heresy. This division is not entirely healed, even to this day.

Following the divergence of Mishima from the teachings of the Cardinal they established the Schools of Enlightenment, which many see as an act of heresy. The Brotherhood however, saw no evidence of the Dark Symmetry in the schools and so tolerated their existence. This was seen by many in the Curia as a wise move as it allowed Mishima to concede the Brotherhood's spiritual authority without losing face. Others see it as a display of Brotherhood weakness and a sign that Mishima are moving ever closer to the shadow.

Mishima Military: The battlefield is the one place where all citizens of Mishima have the opportunity for equality, not in rank, position or opportunity but in courage, service and the freedom to die well. There is no law saying that peasants of low status cannot fight with the honor of a great warrior. Having said that the divisions in society exist just as clearly in the military. Nobles will automatically become Samurai, while peasants will automatically be formed in the Ashigaru.

The Samurai follow the strict code of Bushido (the way of the warrior). Bushido requires a certain respect for one's enemy and places honor in combat above all other considerations. This results in a general respect for the Mishima Samurai among the other corporations but it also serves as a weakness in practical terms. The Samurai prefer to face their opponents in close combat, which is considered a more honorable way of doing battle. Unfortunately, the armed forces of the other corporations do not follow the same code which often results in many Samurai being cut down by missile weapons long before their deadly Ceremonial Blades can be brought to bare.

The Ashigaru are not so consumed by the code of Bushido, their main aim is to serve their fief lord as best they can, thus they are more inclined to make use of any weapons they have in their possession. There are also a growing number of Ronin, Samurai who no longer adhere to the teachings of Bushido. They favor more modern ways of doing battle relying less heavily on close combat skills and as a result their survival rate is generally higher than that of their 'more honorable' comrades.

The elite members of the Mishima army are the Hatamoto. They act as personal guard to the Overlord and the Lord Heirs. They are better armored and more highly trained than the Samurai and server their lords with fanatical zeal.

Emerging from the Mishima Schools of Enlightenment are two notable special forces units, the Shadow Walkers and the Deathbringers. The Shadow Walkers are trained in the stealth attacks and infiltration. Deathbringers possess supernatural powers, similar to the Art, practiced by the Brotherhood. However, much of what is known of these mysterious warriors is speculation by those who fear them and should not be taken as evidence of the Dark Soul's influence.

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