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54mm Pewter Battle of Waterloo Chess Set - Hand Painted

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A 54mm scale Metal Chess Set themed on the Battle of Waterloo, including wooden Chess Case with drawers.

The Battle of Waterloo - June 1815 The Waterloo campaign of 1815 was without exception the most famous of the Nineteenth century. It was to culminate in the final overthrow of Napoleon Bonaparte and the end of twenty five years of warfare. Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperer of the French and one time master of the largest European empire since Rome, had marched against Brussels in order to defeat the first of the Allied armies before the others could attack. To oppose Napoleon' s advance, two of the Allied armies were assembling. The first being basically Anglo-Dutch and commanded by the Duke of Wellington. The Duke, was already victor in the earlier Peninsular War, a major factor in Napoleon's earlier defeat and abdication. The final confrontation on the 18th June was both climactic and costly in casualties: over 80,000 combined forces fell that day. It is now possible to share in the power struggle between these two powerful tacticians with the Napoleonic Chess Set. This way the outcome does not always have to be as it was on that fateful day.

Hand Painted Finish means that the chess theme is carefully researched to be as historically accurate as possible and painted with Vallejo acrylic paints by our experienced Irish artists. Each layer has to be dryed before the next layer can be applied. Many specialist techniques are deployed including 'drybrushing' and 'washes' to create glowing colours that catch the eye and make our painted sets stand out head and shoulders over our competition. All pieces are designed by our internationally famous designer Chris Tubb.

The wooden chess case has a built-in board and two drawers with foam protection for all the chess pieces to be safely stored away when being carried.

Example of height of figures from base to highest point:
King (Duke of Wellington side) = 68mm
Queen (Duke of Wellington side) = 64mm
Bishop (Duke of Wellington side) = 70mm
Knight (Duke of Wellington side) = 64mm
Castle / Rook (Duke of Wellington side) = 68mm
Pawn (Duke of Wellington side) = 72mm

Scale is 54mm.

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