54mm scale Grainne O’Malley Pewter Miniature - Antique Finish

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Great Names in Irish History
A collection of fine cast figures

Daughter of a Connaught Chieftain. Grainne provided the strongest opposition to foreign rule in the west of Ireland during the 16th century. When Queen Elizabeth I launched a campaign in 1568 to finally subdue the rebellious west most of the ruling class including Grainne’s husband submitted but Grainne had other ideas. Traditionally the O’Malley clan were sea-farers and Grainne ruled much of the area around the Connacht coast.

In 1579 a special body of English troops was sent to Galway to beseige her castle near Newport in County Mayo. Grainne proved too much for them however and they had to retreat. She harassed the foreign government all her life. After being taken prisoner several times and almost hanged in 1586 she gained the protection of the O’Neills of Ulster when many of her ships were destroyed.

This range of 54mm pewter figures are mounted on wooden plinths with metal plaques that have the embossed name of the figure. Plinth colour and design may vary without notice.
The figures are painted by experienced Irish artists and were designed by internationally famous miniature designer Chris Tubb.

Antique Finish means that the figure is polished first then undercoated in a black paint and that is skillfully rubbed off the highlights and left in the creases and depths so the miniature is brought into strong contrast. This is an excellant alternative to fully painted versions of the miniature.

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