54mm scale Irish Brigade Union Army Foot Soldier pewter figure

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Metal Miniatures


In 2001 the Fighting 69th (1st Irish Brigade of the Union Army) will celebrate 150 years of service to the American Nation, perhaps the most famous infantry regiment in the U.S. From the Peninsula campaigns to Appomattox, the 69th fought in every campaign and battle the Army of the Potomac fought. The Irishers of this regiment established many of the traditions of the Regiment and set a standard for bravery by which every succeeding generation is measured. Around Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is the site of the most famous battle ever fought in North America. Some 70,000 men of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia and nearly 90,000 men of Meade's Army of the Potomac met on July 1-2-3, in a battle that many historians see as the turning point of America's Civil War. By the time it ended over 28,000 Confederates and 23,000 Federals were dead, wounded or missing.

The Irish Brigade lost nearly 40% of its 500 men engaged during the battle, the bloodiest in American history. Among those casualties would be many sons of Erin; more were wearing blue than grey, because more Irishmen served on the Federal side during the war, including many regiments made up almost entirely of Irishmen. The flag says 1st regiment and not the 69th because the 69th NY was the first regiment of the Irish Brigade.

"Riamh Nar Dhruid O Spairn Iann" 'Those who never retreated from the clash of spears'

Size range is 54mm, cast in pewter, painted by experienced Irish artists, designed by Chris Tubb, internationally famous designer. Also available separately - Officer, Drummer, Standard Bearer.
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Irish Brigade Union Army Foot Soldier pewter figure
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