54mm scale Patrick Sarsfield Pewter Miniature - Antique Finish

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Metal Miniatures


Great Names in Irish History
A collection of fine cast figures

Sarsfield rose to fame as an Irish soldier in the army of the Catholic King of England James II. In 1688 James was replaced as King by William the Protestant Prince of Orange and ruler of the Netherlands at the request of political and religious leaders in England.

In 1689 James accompanied by Sarsfield came to Ireland to enlist Irish support for regaining the English crown. A year later Sarsfield commanded the cavalry at the Battle of the Boyne only to see James finally renounce his claim to the throne in the face of defeat.

The Irish army however, lead by Sarsfield continued to resist the Williamites and successfully defended Limerick after blowing up a convoy of guns and supplies. For this Sarsfield was created the Earl of Lucan. Defeat came at the Battle of Gughrim in 1691 and for the second time he defended Limerick, this time without success. The war ended upon his surrender.

Along with eleven thousand officers and men, Sarsfield was allowed to sail into exile in France where they joined the Irish Brigade. The 'Wild Geese', as the brigade was poetically christened by their countrymen, continued to fight against William's armies alongside their French allies. (The Irish Wild Geese soldiers also available from this website)

Sarsfield was mortally wounded two years later at the Battle of Landen and died saying "oh that this were for Ireland".

This range of 54mm pewter figures are mounted on wooden plinths with metal plaques that have the embossed name of the figure. Plinth colour and design may vary without notice.
The figures are painted by experienced Irish artists and were designed by internationally famous miniature designer Chris Tubb.

Antique Finish means that the figure is polished first then undercoated in a black paint and that is skillfully rubbed off the highlights and left in the creases and depths so the miniature is brought into strong contrast. This is an excellant alternative to fully painted versions of the miniature.

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