54mm Spanish Armada Chess Set Antique Finish

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A 54mm scale Metal Chess Set themed on the Spanish Armada, including wooden Chess Case with drawers.

The Spanish Armada was a Spanish fleet of 130 ships that sailed from La Coruña in August 1588, under the command of the Duke of Medina Sidonia with the purpose of escorting the army from Flanders to invade England. The strategic aim was to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I and her establishment of Protestantism in England, with the expectation that this would put a stop to English interference in the Spanish Netherlands and to the harm caused to Spanish interests by English and Dutch privateering. In July 1588, as the Spanish Armada came nearer, the Earl of Leicester was appointed "Lieutenant and Captain-General of the Queen's Armies and Companies".
The King of Spain's (Philip II) plans failed and it eventually resulted in the loss of about one third of their armada, thanks to a variety of factors including opportunistic tactics by the English and Dutch as well as storms that resulted in many ship wreaks off the shores of Scotland and Ireland.

Antique Finish means that the figure is polished first then undercoated in a black paint and that is skillfully rubbed off the highlights and left in the creases and depths so the miniature is brought into strong contrast. This is an excellant alternative to fully painted versions of the miniature. All pieces are designed by our internationally famous designer Chris Tubb.

The wooden chess case has a built-in board and two drawers with foam protection for all the chess pieces to be safely stored away when being carried.

Scale is 54mm.

Spanish Side: King: Philip II, Queen: Anna of Austria, Bishop: Spanish admiral (Duke of Medina-Sidonia), Knight: Spanish mounted man-at-arms, Rook: Spanish Galleon, Pawn: Spanish sailor.

English Side: King: Robert Dudley (Earl of Leicester), Queen: Elizabeth I, Bishop: English Admiral (Sir Francis Drake), Knight: English mounted man-at-arms, Rook: English Galleon, Pawn: English sailor.

Height of pieces in mm
Spanish King 66 English King 68
Spanish Queen 65 English Queen 65
Spanish Bishop 68 English Bishop 63
Spanish Knight 59 English Knight 58
Spanish Rook 46 English Rook 45
Spanish Pawn 58 English Pawn 55

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