Branwen - Imprisoned Welsh princess, Legendary Celts Antique Finish

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Branwen, imprisoned Irish queen of legend, 90mm scale miniature.

Branwen is the daughter of Llyr and Penarddun, sister of Bran and Manawydan, and half-sister of Nisien and Efnisien. Matholwch of Ireland sued for her hand in marriage to create an alliance between Ireland and Wales. Matholwch returned to Ireland with Branwen. where, within a year she bore him a son, Gwern. But due to an insult caused by Efnisien, the troublemaking half brother of Branwen, Matholwch grew cold to her and she became almost a slave. Matholwch also prevented any tale of her predicament to reach Wales and her family. So Branwen trained a starling to speak and sent it to Wales, where it told Bran of her plight. Bran set out with his navy to rescue her. Matholwch made peace and promised to abdicate his throne to Gwern but Efnisien slew the child. A great battle began and resulted in nearly the complete destruction of both sides. Realizing that the two kingdoms had been destroyed on her account, Branwen sailed to Aber Alaw and died of grief.

The figures are painted by experienced Irish artists and were designed by internationally famous miniature designer Chris Tubb.

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Branwen - Imprisoned Welsh princess, Legendary Celts
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