Etain - Irish Queen wooed by a Fairy Prince - Legendary Celts - Hand Painted

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Etain, Irish Queen wooed by Etain, 90mm scale miniature.

Midir, a Fairy Prince left his first wife Fumnach and married Etain, the fairest maiden in Ireland. Fumnach sought revenge and using magic turned Etain into a Butterfly and using a storm blew her far away from Midir. She struggled for seven years until she found Angus of the birds, a fairy god of love, who kept her safe in his palace but couldn't break the spell. But Fumnach discovered where she was and caused another wind to sweep her away. Etain was blown into the palace of the King of Leinster and landed in a goblet of wine and swallowed by the queen. Nine Months later the queen gave birth to Etain as a mortal girl. When she grew up the High King of Ireland saw Etain and married her. Midir wanted her back and challenged the King to a game of Chess. Midir won the right to kiss Etain. Etain began to remember her previous life and once again fell in love with Midir. Midir took her in his arms and floated out of the palace, turned themselves into swans and were never seen again.

The figures are painted by experienced Irish artists and were designed by internationally famous miniature designer Alan Dickinson.

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Etain - Irish Queen wooed by a Fairy Prince
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