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Hadrian's Wall Diorama

Romans (about 88 of them total):

  • PA652 Men of the City
  • Knights/Freelancers (included in above count)
  • PA667 Mounted Warrior (1)
  • PA688 Barbarian Raiders (1 ea)
  • PA692 Eleven Knights (1 ea)

Barbarians who caught the Romans sleeping (over 218 of them)

  • PA651 Barbarians (18 or each)
  • PA669 Heroes and Fighters (again 18 of each)
  • PA670 Barbarians (18 ea)
  • PA681 Fighters (1 left as leader, 18 ea others)

The scene is a 1m x 1m 5 plyboard. Grass, sand, and rocks come from, and the Wall is MDF board that I cut on the bandsaw, and spray painted with a Krylon (stone fleck) spray paint.

Paints were from Reaper Miniatures and all figures were then clear coated with a Krylon clear acrylic spray paint (top and bottom and all sides) to reduce flaking and chipping and to cover exposed surfaces. I also use a printer's lead, its a 50% lead, 48% tin, and 2% antimony recipe. Reduces flaking and is a little stronger.

Hadrian's Wall Diorama

Hadrian's Wall Diorama

Hadrian's Wall Diorama
 castle army