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PA12190: Christmas Ornaments Deluxe Starter Kit

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  • Christmas Deluxe Starter Kit contents
  • Christmas Deluxe Starter Kit
  • Christmas Deluxe Starter Kit
  • Christmas Deluxe Starter Kit moulds and examples of what they cast.
  • Painting instructions for Angels cast from these moulds
  • Painting instructions for Reindeer and Bells cast from these moulds
  • Painting instructions for Robin Bird and Candle cast from these moulds
  • Accessories from this Christmas Kit
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This kit will make 7-8 Christmas tree decorations. Add more 5 star metal and make 100s from these moulds. Besides this kit you need a domestic cooker to melt the metal and a plier to cut off ingates. Easy to make and paint, ideal family craft.

The kit contains:

  • Christmas Bird & Candle Mould.
  • Christmas Bells & Deer Mould.
  • Christmas Angels Mould.
  • 2 Support boards. These sandwich the mould and insulate it and spread the pressure from the clamps.
  • 2 metal clamps. These hold the assembled mould and boards together.
  • Casting ladle. This is where the liquid metal goes and where you are pouring from.
  • Pot of Release powder. This is pure talcum powder. It is applied to the surface of the mould to allow air to escape and stop the metal sticking to the mould.
  • 2 bars of lead free 5 star metal (about 165 grams),
  • 10 pots of 3 millilitre Acrylic paints.
  • Size '0' Model Painting Brush, which is a small (but not tiny) brush size.
  • Large sturdy cardboard storage case. Keep your stuff organised and safe.
  • Wooden metal stirrer,
  • Casting & painting guides.

5 Star metal is classed as 'pewter' as it is almost entirely Tin with a little zinc and antimony.

'5 Star' Metal Safety Data Sheet.

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