PA1852: 54mm Scale Nativity Set - Saint Joseph Moulds

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These moulds allow you to cast Saint Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary and foster father to Jesus. He is often prayed to as the patron saint of workers and has several feast days attributed to him.

During the Nativity story, Joseph brought the pregnant Mary with him to Bethlehem in Judea to comply with a Roman census. However on arrival they could not find accommodation and were forced to take shelter at a stables. Here Mary gave birth to Jesus and during that night they were visited by shepherds and wise men, who sought to witness the special event and give praise to God.

Joseph is one of the three key characters in any Nativity. With this mould you can cast as many of him as you need. This range of moulds give you the opportunity to make religious gifts for Christian friends and family.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Paints (not included) suggested to use with this mould.

AV951 - White Acrylic Paint.

AV950 - Black Acrylic Paint.

AV994 - Dark Grey Acrylic Paint.

AV819 - Iraqui Sand Acrylic Paint.

AV825 - German Cam. Pale Brown Acrylic Paint.

AV926 - Red Acrylic Paint.

AV859 - Black Red Acrylic Paint.

AV957 - Flat Red Acrylic Paint.

AV980 - Black Green Acrylic Paint.

AV874 - US Tan Earth Acrylic Paint.

AV828 - Woodgrain Acrylic Paint.

AV939 - Smoke Acrylic Paint.

AV820 - Off White Acrylic Paint.

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PA1852 Saint Joseph - Nativity mould
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