PA1923: Halloween Vampire and Pirate Skeleton Rubber Mould

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Cast and paint these Halloween decorations to use as thoughtful gifts to friends, family and work colleagues. This mould casts two types of decoration, in this case, a screaming vampire and a pirate skeleton.

Vampires are undead monsters that feed on the lifeblood of animals and even humans. They look human most of the time but have fangs and often claws. Fire and sunlight are dangerous to them and they are rumoured to have supernatural powers that can confuse and manipulate their prey.

Pirates are criminals that pillage and raid for loot and to satisfy their hunger for chaos. Some are so evil that even death does not stop them. These cursed skeletons continue their previous practice even though wealth means nothing to the dead.

This mould requires our largest support boards and the pirate skeleton measures 49mm by 30mm and the Vampire measures 50 by 35mm. The reverse side shows the backs of their heads.

This is a seasonal product, available from August to November only.

Model Metal is perfect for this mould and no venting should be required. Each piece should weigh about 40 grams, so you should be able to cast 3 figures per bar (excluding ingates).

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Difficulty Levels 1 to 5
Casting Difficulty: 1
Assembly Difficulty: 1
Painting Difficulty: 2

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