PA205: Indian throwing spear 40mm Scale Mould

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Native Americans came in a vast array of tribes, all across Northern America, and the spread of European settlers in the 19th Century put significant pressure on their societies and lifestyles. These struggles became part of the Old West or Western stories that were very popular fiction at that time and in the 20th Century, gained widespread appeal due to the Hollywood industry's cleverly crafted films.

This was a culture clash that sparked heroes and villains and its popularity still holds the interest of the public even to this day.

The more common weapons of the Native Americans were spears, bows and axes, but later they acquired some firearms from Europeans via trade or capture. Spears may seem primitive but they are cheap and simple to make, silent and just as deadly as any bullet when impaled in the target's chest.

This Native American (Indian) mould was originally designed by hand in wood, to scale, by Holger Eriksson in the 60's and 70's. You can cast it hundreds of times as long as you use low temperature casting metal.

When casting for the first time, you should also include our Kit 2000 accessory kit and add in some extra metal. A single ingot or bar can cast approximately 5 figures. Once cast no assembly is required making this mould a useful beginner mould for children.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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