PA207: Indian scout 40mm Scale Mould

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The Old West represents a time in the 19th Century when the new European American settlers were spreading across all the land and not just the coastline. This inevitably resulted in challenges and disputes with the huge population of many tribes of Natives that already were present there. These stories became mixed with legends and Hollywood in the 20th Century created an extremely popular film culture around it.

While the natives had significant disadvantages, at least in the beginning, with the disparity of technology, especially guns, they often had huge advantages in terms of strategy and mobility. They knew the landscape, the climate and the flora and fauna and could outmaneuver the foreign threat whenever possible.

Before any mould is made, our sculptor, Holger Eriksson, had to hand carve each figure from a piece of wood. This was done to scale, so it demonstrates his deftness at capturing the human form in miniatures.

This Native American (Indian) is scouting ahead to see if their are any dangers ahead. Since many tribes allied themselves with the newcomers, scouts were utilised by both sides.

Please note that this mould has no accessories included, so please add Kit 2000 accessory kit to your basket if you have not cast before. Metal is also required.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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PA207 Indian (Native American) scout
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