PA208: Indian riding horse with tomahawk 40mm Scale Mould

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Cowboys and Indians is a genre of games and toys that center around the stories and legends of the Old West in the Mid to Late 19th Century, that later got dramatised by Hollywood, especially from the early to mid 20th Century. There were many themes in the stories told about the Old West in America but one of these deal with the struggle for land and rights between the Native Americans and the pioneering settlers from Europe. This clash of civilisations resulted in many stories that inspired several generations and were seen as demonstrating the spirit of early America, bold, brave and a free spirit.

Prince August's first sculptor, Holger Eriksson, was famous for his skill and flair at capturing the human form in wood in small scales suitable for making moulds. This mould allows you to cast, many hundreds of times, a 40mm scale Native American (Indian) riding his horse and wielding a tomahawk. The tomahawk was a hand axe that was useful in melee and as a close range projectile. The horse was still the king in regard to mobile warfare as it was both a weapon in its own right, kicking and biting, and gave the rider valuable height and speed over unmounted opponents.

If you have not tried casting figures before then perhaps you should include Kit 2000 accessory pack and add some extra metal too. Each ingot of metal can cast 2 mounted figures at most.

This is a very easy casting project for children as there is no assembly afterwards.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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PA208 Indian (Native American) riding horse with tomahawk
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