PA213: Cowboy kneeling with gun 40mm Scale Mould

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It was often a harsh life being a Cowboy in the Old West. There was little luxury and a dawn to dusk work schedule, but many early American settlers chose to strike out to claim a piece of the new land for themselves.

Of course that kind of free spirit often ended up with a degree of lawlessness and frontier justice. However the public idolised the concept as it was a great source of pride for a new nation to forge their way and tame the wilderness. The Natives of that 'wilderness' were less enamoured with that mentality and conflict was commonplace.

This mould can cast hundreds of Cowboys. Just add some Model Metal alloy and cast for as many hours as you want. You can always remelt any metal you don't use, or remelt unwanted castings back again to be used at a later date. This figure was originally sculpted by Holger Eriksson, famous for his skill at capturing human anatomy at the miniature scale.

This 40mm scale figure depicts a Cowboy kneeling with his gun resting vertically, waiting for his target to come into range.

It is advisable to also purchase metal and accessories if you are new to this hobby.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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PA213 Cowboy kneeling with gun
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