PA214: Cowboy kneeling firing gun 40mm Scale Mould

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In a pitched gun battle, having a lever-action repeater rifle gave Cowboys a huge advantage over old single shot rifles or more primate weapons. Not only did this often surprise an enemy that may have assumed you needed to reload but you could take down multiple targets in seconds. Native Americans often traded for their guns but rarely would have gotten the most modern versions.

Cowboys often had to protect their cattle both on the ranch and when driving them across country to markets on horseback. Cattle raids were easy ways for their enemies to drive settlers off their homesteads or to acquire more cattle illegally.

This black rubber mould can cast a cowboy as he kneels to fire his gun, many times over. The lower the temperature of the metal the longer this mould lasts. Prince August recommends using our Model Metal alloy for the best results. It is an alloy of lead, tin and bismuth and is ready to cast at only 300 degrees celsius.

Other casting equipment that is required to make use of this mould. A single bar of our metal should cast about 5 metal figures.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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PA214 Cowboy kneeling firing gun
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