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PA3105 Seven Years War Austrian Fusiliers advancing and march-attack 40mm mould.

  • PA3105 Austrian Fusiliers advancing and march-attack blister
  • PA3105 Austrian Fusiliers advancing and march-attack figures
  • PA3105 Austrian Infantry Label
  • PA3105 Rubber Moulds
  • Venting Guide if required.
  • PA3105 Austrian Fusiliers advancing and march-attack drawing.
  • History: Seven Years' War
  • The Seven Years War
  • Seven Years' War 2
  • How to use an O-ring or Core when casting from Prince August moulds.
  • Seven Years War | 3 Minute History
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Cast Seven Years' War semi-flat 40mm scale Austrian metal fusiliers advancing and march-attack with interchangeable heads.

Difficulty Levels 1 to 5:

    Casting Difficulty - 3
    Assembly Difficulty - 4
    Painting Difficulty - 3

Casting advice:

Use 4 clamps instead of two (or use more elastic bands than normal). Space the clamps on the upper and lower quarters of each side of the mould when securing the mould. Venting should only be needed if you are not using Model Metal.
When venting you may need to drill a 1.5 mm hole through the mould at certain points. On the reverse side of the mould (the plain side) where the hole comes out you can add a channel upwards if you choose to, but as long as you have placed the rough side of the support board against the mould the air should be able to escape safely.

We recommend our scalpels because you need an extremely sharp blade to properly vent a mould. Our Gel Glue is very effective for assembling these figures.

Mould 3105 Austrian Infantry casts.

  1. Advancing Infantry body, 3105/1
  2. March attack infantry body, 3105/2
  3. Musket and left arm (for march attack), 3105/3
  4. Fusilier officer head, 3105/4
  5. Fusilier infantry head, 3105/5
  6. Fusilier infantry head. 3105/6


Austrian Infantry 3105 Assembly Guide (pdf).

Austrian printable spare flags (pdf).

Austrian 3105 Painting Guide (pdf).

Figures painted by Richard Hattersley.

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