PA3130 Seven Years War Austrian Mounted General Officer 40mm mould.

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Cast metal Seven Years' War semi-flat 40mm scale Austrian Mounted General Officer interchangeable heads and arms.

Difficulty Levels 1 to 5:

    Casting Difficulty - 3
    Assembly Difficulty - 4
    Painting Difficulty - 3

Casting advice:

Use 4 clamps instead of two (or use more elastic bands than normal). Space the clamps on the upper and lower quarters of each side of the mould when securing the mould. Venting should only be needed if you are not using Model Metal.
When venting you may need to drill a 1.5 mm hole through the mould at certain points. On the reverse side of the mould (the plain side) where the hole comes out you can add a channel upwards if you choose to, but as long as you have placed the rough side of the support board against the mould the air should be able to escape safely.

We recommend our scalpels because you need an extremely sharp blade to properly vent a mould.

Includes: 2 PTFE rods that you place in the neck slots of the bodies so cavities exist for the heads to attach.

The figure here represents an Austrian general officer, but higher-ranking general officers would be fairly similar in most European armies at this time. They would provide their own uniforms and a considerable amount of leeway might be taken by an individual officer. There is also the option to use head B (bareheaded) with the alternative arm, which is holding his hat in the air. A French officer would be similar to the Austrian but with differences in uniform colour.

To create a Prussian officer, use this figure with the Prussian officer head from mould PA3101.

The instructions offer only a brief idea of the many regiments and troop types that can be produced using the PA mould system. The mid-eighteenth century saw most European nations using troops with very similar uniforms and those  not represented by the figures in our moulds can be produced with a little research and some filing and conversion of our figures. For further details of SYW armies, their composition and uniforms, go to, which is an excellent and free online resource dealing in great detail with this subject, covering all relevant combatants and with a huge variety of illustrations and drawings.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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