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PA59: Battle of Rossbach - Austria: Musketeer 40mm Scale Mould

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  • PA59 Austria: Musketeer lable
  • Austria: Musketeer
  • Austria: Musketeer mould
  • 40mm scale chart
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Musketeers were the standard infantry across much of Europe in the 18th Century. At this time muskets were extremely inaccurate at any distance above 100 metres. To solve this problem in battle, huge ranks, often of hundreds of soldiers, were lined up in an open field and would fire in unison at enemies also ranked in line. This meant effectiveness was measured in quantity rather than quality. Reloading speed was often key to winning these types of battles. If advancing on an enemy, bayonets were used, often crudely attached to the musket, turning them into impromptu short pikes.

This black rubber rubber mould can cast up to five musketeers per ingot of metal used.

The battle of Rossbach was fought on November 5th 1757 between the Prussian army of Frederick the Great and the combined armies of France and the German Empire under Soubize.

When the allied commanders noticed the Prussians moving back from their previous positions to behind a hill they mistakenly believed thy were retreating even before the battle begun and recklessly advanced to overtake and destroy them. The Prussians realising the allies error, prepared their cavalry and artillery just out of sight of the allies over the hill crest. As the Franco-German army surged up the hill, they were suddenly met by the Prussian cavalry at full gallop and the roar of artillery fire, which threw them into disarray. Despite valiant attempts by the French cavalry to halt the now advancing Prussian infantry and rank their own troops, the battle was lost and Prussia won the day.

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