PA6001: 28mm Scale Roman Legionaries with Gladius Moulds

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Cast two 1st Century Roman Legionaries from Prince August Rubber Moulds. These figures are 28mm scale. You can cast from this mould hundreds of times. Alternatively you can choose the product option for eight cast figures.

Officers are separately available as cast figures.

Rome was a superpower two thousand years ago, and one of its greatest strengths at that time was its incredibly skilled armies, broken up into Legions of over 5000 men. The primary soldier was called a Legionary and they were well trained, well armed and very fit men, many of which had decades of experience as the average career of a soldier was 20 years. They fought using short swords and short javelins and used large shields in close formations to defeat less organised enemies. Of course they had axillaries and cavalry and even artillery to support them, but the military power of Rome depended on these battle hardened fighters.

This black rubber mould does not include any casting accessories so if you have not any, please purchase PA2000 kit. Adding metal to your order will give you hours of pleasure as you can cast up to seven figures from a single ingot. Model Metal is a white metal alloy that contains tin, lead and bismuth, which melts at low temperatures and therefore does not wear out the mould as much as pewter would.

Download the Roman painting guide here.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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