PA6002: 28mm Scale Roman Legionaries with Pilum Moulds

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Cast in five minutes two Roman Legionaries in white metal. These figures are 28mm scale. You can cast from this mould hundreds of times. Officers are available as cast figures.

Legionaries were well trained, strong, armored troops that belonged to Roman Legions, formations of over 5000 men. These Legions were sent all over the extensive territories of Rome, from Britain to Africa. The soldiers commonly used short stabbing swords in combat so that their blades did not become stuck in the enemies shields or bodies and yanked from their grip. A secondary weapon were short projectiles called pilum, that rained down on the often poorly armoured enemies with deadly purpose. Legionaries were fiercely loyal to their Legion, and its commander, often following him even into rebellion against the Roman Emperor if needbe. Their armour and fighting style varied over the centuries to adapt to the changing situation the Roman Empire faced, but during the 1st Century CE they wore the famous segmented armor, often hardened leather or metal.

It is important to have the casting equipment already or to purchase it alongside this mould. Our Model Metal is a white metal alloy of tin, lead and bismuth that extends the life of any mould hugely and provides finely detailed castings. On average you should be able to cast up to 7 figures from a single bar of metal.

Download the Roman painting guide here.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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