PA7001: 28mm Scale Britons Swordsmen & Spearmen Moulds

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Cast two different Britonnic Warriors from a single Prince August rubber mould hundreds of times. A single ingot of white casting metal can usually cast about seven figures.

It took decades of hard fighting to finally subdue England in the 1st and 2nd Century CE. The Roman Emperor Claudius sent in several Legions to take control of the land. There were many tribes of Britons and some allied with Rome while others fought back against these invaders. There was a disparity between the tactics used by Rome and the native Britons resulting in lost battles with very high causalities only on one side.

During this time short swords were preferred and stabbing rather than slashing was common practice. Shield walls were a major obstacle and thrusting spears were useful both defensively, especially against cavalry, and offensively to outreach the Roman swords.

We provide Britonnic leadership figures as well.

Our starter kits provide basic casting equipment so if you have not cast before make sure you include one. Adding metal to your order is essential as none come with this mould by default. One ingot can result in seven figures approximately, provided all ingates are reused. Model Metal is a low temperature white metal alloy that contains bismuth, tin and lead.

Download the Briton Warriors painting guide here.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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