PA7002: 28mm Scale Britons Swordsmen & Spearmen Moulds #2

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This mould can cast two different 1st Century Briton Warriors wielding swords and spears. These figures are 28mm scale. You can cast from this mould hundreds of times.

When problems arose between the people of Briton and Rome, the Emperor Claudius ordered an invasion around 43 CE. This resulted in many battles between tribes that objected to Roman rule and to some Roman injustices inflicted upon them. However Southern England was successfully conquered in about 40 years and after another 40 Roman Legions built the famous Hadrian's Wall across Northern England to seal off what now is Scotland.

While Britonnic warriors were incredibly brave their manner of warfare was no match at this time for the tactics and strategies of the Roman Empire. Provided a Legion was properly lead and disciplined it could stand against greatly superior numbers and win with relative ease. Common weapons of this time was the spear and sword. Short swords were used for jabbing and piercing rather than cutting or slashing and spears offered a degree of protection from such swords by putting a little distance between the attacker and the defender. Spears were also vital when facing mounted enemies.

These figures can also be used for depicting the Gaulish tribes of early Europe or Celtic Warriors.

Druidic chiefs and standard bearers are available as cast figures.

Starter kits and additional accessories are available if you have not already purchased them previously. Our ingots of white metal can usually be enough to cast about 7 figures provided ingates are remelted.

Download the Briton Warriors painting guide here.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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