PA7003: 28mm Scale Britons Slingers & Spearmen Moulds

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This mould can cast 2 different 1st Century Briton Warriors. These figures are 28mm scale. You can cast from this mould hundreds of times. Alternatively you can choose the product option for eight cast figures.

It took the best part of 80 years for Rome to conquer and control Briton and even then they had to build a wall, Hadrian's Wall, across northern England. The Britons were brave and skilled warriors, using weapons that had proved successful in tribal battles before. However the Roman Empire used very different tactics, and the soldiers fought in a cohesive formation that twarted the Briton's style of combat, which often focused around individual combat. Of course Rome had it's losses, but they were primarily caused by over confident or under experienced leadership rather than a failure on the part of the Legionaries that served them.

Alternative uses for the Britons would be to turn them into Gaulish or Celtic Warriors. Nobles and Druidic chiefs are available as cast figures.

Each bar of Prince August metal can cast up to seven figures. It is advisable to purchase a starter kit or casting accessories if you are a beginner.

Download the Briton Warriors painting guide here.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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