PA7004: 28mm Scale Britons Slingers Moulds

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This mould can cast 2 different 1st Century Briton Warriors. These figures are 28mm scale. You can cast from this mould hundreds of times. Alternatively you can choose the product option for eight cast figures.

The Roman conquest of Britain started around 43 CE under emperor Claudius and faced some stiff resistance by many Britonnic tribes until about 83 CE when Southern England had been conquered and the building of Hadrian's Wall was constructed in 122 CE, sealing off what would become Scotland from Northern England.

Britonnic tribes were sometimes allies or enemies of the Roman occupation and terrible battles were fought during that time. These figures can also be used for depicting the Gaulish tribes of early Europe or Celtic Warriors. Slingers were skilled at throwing stones using leather slings with enough force to kill or injure. These would serve as axillaries to Britonnic warriors or used as a secondary weapon to harass Roman formations before they charged. Unfortunately the Roman Legions used large shields that could withstand being pelted by small stones and therefore were able to weather such attacks with minimal effort when in tight formations.

Standard bearers and Druidic chiefs are available as cast figures.

If you are new to hobby casting please purchase one of our starter kits or casting accessories to compliment this mould. An ingot of metal should be enough for approximately seven figures.

Download the Briton Warriors painting guide here.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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