PA731: Barleycorn Chess moulds

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  • Chess board Mahogny & Maple 35
  • Black & White Chess board 35
  • Aerosol Black Gloss Paint.
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This set of three rubber moulds which cast the six pieces required to make a complete chess set side: King, Queen, Bishop, knight, Rook, Pawn. You will require about 10 bars of metal to complete a full 32 piece chess set. 

The Barleycorn chess set was among the most popular designs in the nineteenth century both in Europe and North America. Indeed George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned sets. The name “Barleycorn” derives from the fact that in early sets both the King and the Queen pieces had a leaf design around the central stem. Even when this was discontinued with lathe-made pieces, the name remained.


Height of pieces in mm
King 60
Queen 55
Bishop 37
Knight 41
Rook 28
Pawn 30

Painting information.

  • In addition to filing off any flash from the figure, the bottom should be flattened where the ingate was removed.
  • Wash the chess piece in warm soapy water in preparation for painting.
  • Prime the pieces with an undercoat if painting them. Allow 24 hours to dry.
  • Paint as supplied is usually too thick. Thin with the appropriate thinners until it covers the areas touched by the brush but does not spread to other areas.
  • Dry brushing is used to give large areas a subtle blended effects blending the black undercoat with a colour on raised areas. This is also used to add highlights to raised areas giving the look of more depth and animation. Washing is used to add a colour mainly to the foulds.
  • We recommend that you give the figures a coat of either matt or gloss varnish.

Painted example was painted by David Hooper, on a handmade chess board, using crackle paint effect.

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