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PA80-1: 54mm French Imperial Guard Infantry on Parade 1805 Moulds

  • PA80-1 54mm Napoleonic mould set
  • PA80-1 54mm Napoleonic soldiers if painted.
  • PA80-1 54mm Napoleonic painting instructions for soldier.
  • PA80-1 54mm Napoleonic painting instructions for officer and drummer
  • Waterloo (1970) Full Movie (Part 8)
  • Waterloo (1970) Full Movie (Part 9)
  • Waterloo (1970) Full Movie (Part 10)
  • Waterloo (1970) Full Movie (Part 11)
  • Waterloo (1970) Full Movie (Part 12)
  • Hobby Casting Metal Miniatures using Prince August Rubber Moulds
  • Venting Guide to Prince August Toy Soldier Moulds
  • How to use an O-ring or Core when casting from Prince August moulds.
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The Napoleonic wars took place around the start of the 19th Century and France had some of the most skilled and committed soldiers in the world. These soldiers are Imperial Guard Infantry, Drummer and Officer. This mould set contains three black rubber moulds that allow you to cast three French soldiers in different poses. These 54mm scale metal soldiers will require some assembly and can be glued together easily. They can also be soldered together.

It is important to have the basic casting equipment with these moulds so include either one of our starter kits or Kit 2000. No matter what moulds you have or select you will need casting metal to be able to make soldiers, it is wise to check out Prince August's bulk discounts on metal, the more you buy the cheaper per bar the metal becomes. You should be able to cast two figures, on average, per ingot of metal.

Glue can be bought here.

List of paints used in the painting instructions

a - Black av950
b - White av951
c - Gold av996
d - Brass av801
e - Gilt (old gold) av878
f - Blue av899
g - Red av947
h - mixed red & gold
j - Tricolour (red, blue & white)
k - Blue, piped in red
l - mixed red & gold, piped in red
m - mixed red & gold, white edged
n - Red edged with gold
p - blue piped with mixed red & gold
q - Dark Brown av984
r - Silver av997
s - Red on white patch
t - Red piped with blue
v - Blue, piped in white
w - Red piping

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