PA80-5: 54mm French Imperial Guard Attacking 1805 Moulds

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The Imperial Guard were fiercely loyal to Napoleon Bonaparte, and could withstand terrible conditions if need be to serve his cause. One tactic was to march in column, often in thousands, towards the enemy line, like a slow moving but seemingly unstoppable battering ram. Then at the last moment they would open up to form a strong line to repel all defenders and route them. This tactic failed to work during the battle of Waterloo due to the savage punishment inflicted upon them by the British allied forces.

This set of three rubber moulds can cast Imperial French infantry in three different poses, that compliment these moulds PA80-1, PA80-2 and PA80-6.

Usually you can cast a single 54mm scale metal figure with half a bar of metal, but the more metal you buy the cheaper the price, per bar, gets. If you have not cast before then you should consider either buying our starter kit or casting accessories to compliment this mould set. You can assemble them with the use of superglue.

Before painting these castings please prime them with car primer, so the paint does not flake off. 

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

List of paints used in the painting instructions

a - Black av950
b - White av951
c - Gold av996
d - Brass av801
e - Gilt (old gold) av878
f - Blue av899
g - Red av947
h - mixed red & gold
j - Tricolour (red, blue & white)
k - Blue, piped in red
l - mixed red & gold, piped in red
m - mixed red & gold, white edged
n - Red edged with gold
p - blue piped with mixed red & gold
q - Dark Brown av984
r - Silver av997
s - Red on white patch
t - Red piped with blue
v - Blue, piped in white
w - Red piping

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80-5 French Imperial Guard 1805
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